Bob Summers

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Bob Summers

Bob Summers (Membership of Society of Operations Engineers, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Society of Underwater Technologies)

Bob has been working in Automotive Engineering from the age of 17, starting in 1972 with the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers of HM Forces, qualifying as a Licentiate Automotive Engineer. His military career of 13 years also saw him involved in training, everything from basic soldiering, vehicle & plant repair skills and techniques and even Arctic and Mountain Warfare, including serving 9 years as a Special Forces soldier and engineer in various parts of the world.

Most of his working life he has been been in a role that has enabled him to pass on skills and knowledge to others. Employed in Supervisory and Managerial positions in the Automotive Industry on leaving the forces in 1985, including running 3 major multi-national workshops in Oman, were also combined with a training remit to develop new and existing staff for the industry.

A full time role in Training and Development came about in 1996 with the offer to take up a fulltime teaching post at Aberdeen College. In 1998 was recruited by Kvaerner Oilfield Products, an Oil & Gas industry company, specializing in Subsea Control Systems, to develop and implement a Training & Competence program acceptable for its staff of over 600 and their client companies, a challenge he could not resist.

In 2003 broadened his horizons and became an independent Training & Development consultant for PMDS Ltd. Building a reputation for delivering training and development to the Oil & Gas industry to the highest standards, with a wide portfolio in his client base for Training, Coaching & Mentoring to achieve high levels of competence for client’s staff and customers.

Out with his usual working routine he is also a Science and Engineering Ambassador (Scotland) promoting the need for engineers and technicians for Scotland’s industries, a frequent (Though Unpaid) consultant to the European Economic & Social Committee for standardizing Vocational Skills training and competence throughout the EU.

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