Fire Safety Awareness Course

Fire Safety Awareness Course

Half day
£95 + VAT per delegate, £550 + VAT in house


This course sets out to train delegates to a level where they can fulfil their duties, for example, as an employer or landlord; how they can respond to emergencies; understand the principles of fire risk assessments, undertake routine fire safety procedures and understand the employee / employer responsibilities. The training comprises tutor-led presentations, discussions and syndicate exercises. There is no ‘hands on’ use of fire extinguishers on this course, it is demonstrated through simulation.


This course is aimed at any person who has legal duties to control fires within premises, including employers and landlords. Plus employees who have had these responsibilities delegated to them.

Course Outline

  • Fire Statistics
  • Fire Legislation
  • Employers’ Duties
  • Basic Principles of Fire
  • Sources of Ignition / Fuel / Oxygen
  • Classifications of Fires
  • Heat Transmission and Fire Spread
  • Fire and Smoke Spread in a Building
  • Causes and Consequences of Fires 
  • Principles of Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Prevention and Prevention of Fire Spread
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Equipment
  • Evacuation and Means of Escape
  • Evacuation Procedures / Emergency Plans
  • Duties of Fire Wardens

Course Outcomes

The course covers the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the principles of fire initiation; classification and spread
  • Outline the principles of fire risk assessment
  • Describe the basic principles of fire prevention and the prevention of fire spread in buildings
  • Identify appropriate fire alarm systems and fire-fighting equipment in a simple building
  • Outline the factors to be considered when carrying out a successful evacuation in the event of a fire
  • Understand the basic legal requirements of fire prevention


Various venues throughout the UK

Course Schedule

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