Health and Safety Management Systems

Health and Safety Management Systems


We are specialists in the design, documentation, implementation and review of management systems. Our specialist Health & Safety service will provide you with a cost effective and efficient way to help you take control of health and safety in your organisation ensuring that your managers and staff understand and comply with constantly changing health and safety legislation.

Why use Facilitators Quality Management (FQM) to develop your health and safety management system?

  • Increase profit levels. (The cost of accidents in an average company employing 40-50 people is in excess of 35% of operating profit after allowance for insured losses) - reducing accidents in your business may also decrease insurance premiums
  • Improve your image and reputation. Every year employers face the challenge of reducing 1.6 million workplace accidents and 2.2 million cases of work related ill-health - your business need not be one of these cases
  • Ensure your staff and managers are consistent in the way they carry out tasks safely. We will help you build a system that complies with OHSAS 18001:2007 standards whilst ensuring that key activities within your business are captured
  • Ensure your systems and both efficient and effective - we provide an external perspective on your health and safety system and offer advice on how this can be improved
  • Increase productivity - the number of mistakes made and corrections required is reduced, along with the associated costs and lack of staff motivation
  • Reduce the risk of prosecution and intense scrutiny from the Health & Safety Executive

What we offer

  • Assistance to develop a robust health and safety system that your managers and staff can buy into
  • Practical help to develop health and safety policies and procedures that are practical for your business yet comply with legislation
  • Regular reviews of your policies and procedures to ensure they meet legislative standards as well as best practice Assistance to develop coherent Risk Assessments that will help minimize risk in the workplace

How we can help

  • Effective training programs that help develop a positive health and safety culture and avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health
  • Consultancy from experienced practitioners from different industry sectors
  • Regular up-dates on forthcoming health & safety legislation that applies to you
  • Management development to help your managers to gain commitment from your staff
  • Audit and review of all elements of your health & safety processes to ensure they are efficient and effective

The End Result

Your management systems continuously improve - ensuring and demonstrating how good you are.

For more details about this service - please download our information sheet. (You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view this PDF document)

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