News - 2010

November 2010
ISO9001:2008 Update
A year ago we told you about the 2008 revision to the ISO9001 standard. In 2009-10 we have upgraded most of our clients to the latest version, in a half-day consultancy assignment.
November 2010
ISO Standards and Tenders
One or two of our clients have sought our advice on whether our ISO9001 certification is sufficient to satisfy invitations to tender for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 In turn we have explored this with the City of Glasgow procurement office that is coordinating such tenders.
November 2010
Sustainable Improvement is Down to Human Factors
Avoiding accidents and ill health at work in the future will depend on a better understanding of how we interact within every aspect of the workplace.
November 2010
Re-Vamped FQM Web Site
We have significantly revised our web site to make it: easier to find via search engines more informative about our services easier to navigate Please have a look at and tell us if we've succeeded!
November 2010
FQM Registration Logos
We are aware that some of our clients are still displaying the old "QMS" logo on offices, vehicles, stationery, and web sites. Whilst I recognise that you don't change some of these often, please check and if you need an up-to- date version, please contact Janette who will send you what you need, bromides, images etc.
November 2010
Customer Survey
As you will know we ask you once year how much your quality management systems help you to manage effectively, acquire new customers and staff and reduce costs. We also ask how well FQM helps you in these important areas. Yet again this year the results are very positive and continue the upward trend. This year the overall satisfaction score is 4.65 out of a maximum of 5.
November 2010
Government Spotlight on Health and Safety
With the recent announcement of a government review, health and safety is back in the news. Sometimes it appears as if it is never far from the headlines, either because regulations have been breached and a tragedy has followed, or because of another example of "Elf'n'Safety" madness.
October 2010
Health and Safety Update
Aberdeen businesses are digesting the results of a major review of Britain's health and safety culture.
October 2010
Autumn 2010 FQM Newsletter
Welcome to the Autumn 2010 edition of our FQM Newsletter.
May 2010
Environmental Standards
FQM is now providing expert advice on reducing the costs of energy use and also its environmental impact.
April 2010
Writing Quality Sales Letters
It is not "building a better mousetrap" that will make you rich. It is "creating a better sales letter" that will lead you to fame and fortune.
March 2010
Company Reputation has traditionally been difficult to define and measure. Niel Golightly, Vice President of Downstream Communications and Sustainable Development at Shell offers his explanation.
March 2010
Congratulations Peter
Peter Hartley, who has been with FQM since its inception, recently enhanced his environmental training by successfully completing his IRCA approved EMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Conversion Training Course and therefore will be pleased to offer ISO 14001 capability to his extensive list of clients.
March 2010
Direct Waste Management, Peterhead Successfully Convert to IMS
ISO 9001/14001 clients since 2003 Direct Waste Management recently added ISO 18001 to achieve an integrated management system (IMS) to enable them to continue to grow their business.
February 2010
Document Management
A document management system could save your business money and headaches. Modern systems are easy to use and pay for themselves in remarkably little time.
February 2010
Co-An, Blairgowrie Decide on an Integrated ISO 9001/14001 System
New client Co-An initially thought they just needed an ISO 9001 management system, but have now been persuaded of the benefits of also doing 1400 at the same time and hence signed up for an IMS to 9001/14001.

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