Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Training Course


The oil and gas industry is a prime example where the requirement to manage the risk of asset functional failure means controlling and managing the impact of potential failure mechanisms from time dependent, time independent or from other sources. As evident, the location of use of oil and gas assets range from remote desert locations to deep and remote offshore/subsea locations. The bases of ensuring ‘containment’ of offshore and subsea assets rests squarely with the delivery of safe and reliable assets, achieved through the combination of expert design, quality in fabrication and installation and operational knowledge based on the skills, knowledge and overall competency from any one individual and the project team at large under the framework of the organisation at large and its management.


Day 1
  • Introduction to course.
  • Global oil and gas trends, market outlook and the use of operational assets. 
  • Definition of asset management – the concept of integrity management – integrity management life cycle – the bases for delivery of IM, industry guidelines.
  • The potential for asset failure –asset life-cycle, 
  • Managing the risk of functional failure – risk assessment - concept of ALARP.
  • Operational assets – associated damage and failure mechanisms, , the impact of asset damage, examples of failures.
  • Probability and consequences of asset failure – severity of failure and its impact on health safety and environment.
  • The BOSTON matrix – prioritisation of asset inspection.
Day 2
Summary of Day 1
  • ‘Preventative medicine’ – the importance of IMR. 
  • Establishing the correct IMR programme – fundamentals of IMR – key requirements.
  • Risk based inspection maintenance and repair programmes.
  • Inspection methodologies for the offshore and subsea environment – pigging, intelligent pigging, structural inspections.
  • Assessing the damage – survey assessments, ‘what to do’, ‘what the results mean?’
  • Repair methodologies.
  • IMR –roles and responsibilities – management ‘duty to care’.
  • Industry look-ahead.

Summary of Day 2
  • Delegate course quiz


2 Days


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