QHSE - Project Support and Interim Management

QHSE - Project Support and Interim Management

The QHSE team at FQM Training help clients:

  • Comply with regulations and legislation
  • Control risks of errors
  • Maintain reputation in their market
  • Reduce costs of employment
  • Protect staff from damage

How can the QHSE team help you?

What you get:

  • Experienced registered QHSE resources - covering legislation compliance, reputation management, risk assessment and training (CQI)
  • Experienced Practitioners - with proven QHSE competency and accreditation
  • Knowledge Management - 'best practice' and knowledge transfer
  • Confidentiality - work to stated 'code of practice'
  • Flexibility - to meet your requirements
    • part time
    • 'pick and mix'
    • range of services from a team (including 'back-room' expertise)

Why now?

  • Rapid growth
  • Cost reduction - Lean
  • Performance improvement
  • Downsizing

Specific Services

  • Project Management- time bound and ongoing
  • Interim Management- advisor or operations support
  • Integrated Management Systems- set up to ISO standard FQM certify or UKAS accredit
  • Consultancy/Audit
  • Human Factors/Ergonomics
    • Safety Critical Task Analysis
    • Human Error Analysis in Accident Investigation
    • Safety Case and COMAH reports
  • Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis - 'lessons learnt'

Who will buy?

  • Operators - asset managers, procurement departments.
  • Supply Chain- contractors (preventative actions)

In summary we help to protect the business from damage to:

  • Staff
  • Reputation
  • Compliance
  • Relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Profitability

For more details about this service - please download our Information PDF Sheet (you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to view this PDF document).

How can I find out more?

To find out more about how FQM Training can help with your QHSE requirements or to arrange a meeting, please contact us on:
Telephone: 01738 625700
E-Mail: info@fqmtraining.com
Or visit our web site at www.fqmtraining.com

Also see our other Services information.

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