Subsea Offshore Production Control Awareness Training Course


The course is designed to provide all newcomers to the industry (or those working in support functions) with an understanding of the offshore installations, subsea production facilities and onshore requirements which ensure that the industry can function as a cost effective and viable business.


This course helps to understand terminologies, abbreviated names and for those going offshore for the first time will gain a good understanding of offshore installations, functions and capabilities and the various systems monitoring and controlling topside and subsea equipments.


The course is targeted so that anyone associated with the industry will be able to attend and contribute to meetings and discussions with a sound knowledge of the basics of offshore production and processing.


  • Introduction: Overview, what a production control system does
  • Types: Advantages and disadvantages of each system
  • Equipment: Master Control Station, Electrical Power Unit, Hydraulic Power Unit, Topside and Subsea Umbilical Terminations, Subsea Control Modules (Xtree, Manifold etc)
  • Operations: Communications, Electrics, Hydraulics, Umbilicals and Sensors
  • Interfaces: Master Control Station, Functionality, Options
  • Control Fluids: The Control fluid as a component of the system, Control fluid types and uses Environmental impact
  • Intervention: Isolating and removal of Subsea components, Well Completion
  • Future: Technology drivers, Deepwater, Distance, Separation and Boosting, First Offshore Operations, The Scope of Offshore Operations


Offshore operations cover a broad range of activities including exploration, exploration drilling, development drilling, production, workover and transportation. This course is designed to give a clear understanding to delegates of the basic components of the offshore Oil and Gas industry.


1 day


You can download a PDF about this course Subsea-Offshore-Production-Control-Awareness.pdf if you wish.


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